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Rent Gym Space Montreal

Are you a personal trainer looking to rent a premium gym space in Montreal West?

Persona trainers looking to rent gym space in Montreal for private, or small fitness group glasses in Montreal we have the perfect location for you. Whether you’re into strength training, Olympic weightlifting, or even practicing Jiujitsu, this gym has it all.

**The Space**

Located in the heart of Montreal West, this gym offers an open training area that provides the perfect environment for your fitness needs. With high ceilings and ample floor space, you’ll have plenty of room to move around and work with clients on their fitness goals. Whether you’re looking for space for personal training sessions or group workouts, this gym can accommodate it all.

**Equipment Galore**

If you’re a fan of kettlebells, you’ll be in heaven here. Agatsu is the company that introduced Kettlebell in Canada and our gym has a wide variety of Agatsu Pro Grade Kettlebells.

Along with Kettlebells, Indian Clubs, Heavy Steel Clubs, and Maces, the gym offers top-of-the-line squat racks and Olympic weightlifting equipment. Whether you’re working on your back squats, front squats, or snatches and clean and jerks, you’ll find everything you need to push your limits and make gains.

We also have Strongman equipment with Atlas Stones from 30KG up to 80KG and a Strongman Log.

**Jiujitsu Enthusiasts, Rejoice**

But that’s not all! This gym is also equipped with Jiujitsu mats, making it an excellent choice for martial artists and practitioners. Whether you’re rolling, drilling, or sparring, you’ll have a safe and supportive surface to practice your Jiujitsu skills. The gym also features wall mats.

**Rental Options**

Now that you’re excited about this amazing gym, you’re probably wondering how to rent it. The process is simple! You can rent the space for a one-time session, a weekly schedule, or even a monthly agreement, depending on your needs. The flexible rental options make it easy to fit your budget and training schedule. Contact us for pricing and availability.

If you’re in Montreal West and in need of a fantastic gym space for your fitness activities, look no further. This gym offers an open and spacious environment, a vast selection of kettlebells, high-quality squat racks and Olympic weightlifting equipment, and even Jiujitsu mats for martial arts enthusiasts. With flexible rental options, it’s never been easier to find the perfect fitness space. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your fitness journey in this exceptional facility!