Weekly Jiujitsu Lesson- Chill Out Position

Weekly Free Jiujitsu Lesson

In this weeks free weekly Jiujitsu lesson I cover some of the possibilities from the “Chill Out” position. The Chill Out is an option once you are cross side with an under hook. Pay attention to the details of your weight distribution to ensure you are able to stay on and in control. Contact us to arrange a free jiujitsu class in Montreal West and come in to learn more.

@jiujitsumontreal One of my fav options from cross side is to transition to the “Chill Out” This position lets you make your opponent carry your weight and offers many submissions. #jiujitsu #montreal #jiujitsumontreal #montrealtiktok #montreallife #cotestlucmontreal ♬ original sound – Jiujitsu Montreal