Jiujitsu With Strikes!

Using strikes in jiujitsu

When people ask what is “Old School Jiujitsu” I like to show them clips like this. Brazilian Jiujitsu started out focused on self preservation and defence. Students learned how to defend against and use strikes as well as grappling to create a well rounded approach to self defence. Over time many jiujitsu schools moved towards exclusively training for sport. They may include a “self defense” move at the beginning of class to say they teach self defence but in reality they are exclusively sport clubs.

Old school jiujitsu keeps the thought and reality of strikes front and center. We can train sport while thinking street to maximize the usefulness of what we train.

If you want to know how to defend and use strikes you need to train with them in mind.

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@jiujitsumontreal This is a good example of old school jiujitsu. Knowing how to defend against and use strikes in your jiujitsu requires practice. You need ro learn how ro create defensive and offensive angles to stay safe and then finish. Contact us to take group and private jiujitsu classes in Montreal West #jiujitsumontreal #montreal #montrealtiktok #montreallife #montreal #montrealwest #cotestlucmontreal ♬ original sound – Jiujitsu Montreal