Learn Brazilian Jiujitsu faster – Private Jiujitsu lessons in Montreal West

private jiujitsu and kickboxing lessons in Montreal

One of the best ways to learn Brazilian Jiujitsu is with one on one instruction. Private training helps you learn at your speed and that means improved performance.

Its common for new students to feel overwhelmed in a class with people who have been training for months and or even years. At Jiujitsu Montreal we encourage all new Jiujitsu students to take advantage of our on ramp program where they begin their JiuJitsu journey with private lessons.

Our private lesson on ramp exposes new students to the fundamentals of Brazilian Jiujitsu and prepares them to enter our group classes. By the time you try your first class you will already be familiar with the basic concepts, positions, warm ups and drills covered in classes. This will speed up the learning process as well as increase your enjoyment while decreasing the stress of feeling like the newbie.

This summer we are offering a special price on private Brazilian Jiujitsu training. Contact us today to start private Jiujitsu training at our gym in Montreal West.