Top three ways to get good at Jiujitsu fast.

Jiujitsu Montreal

Its fairly common for new Jiujitsu students to obsess over improving. Not only do they want to get good but they want to get there fast.

The desire to improve quickly in Jiujitsu or anything often leads no where fast. When we rush we tend to skip steps and miss out on some of the most important lessons while learning the fundamentals.

That being said there are some things you can do to speed up your progress in BJJ. Here are our top three ways to get good at Jiujitsu fast.

  1. Be consistent in your training. This is the most important thing. If you want to get better you have to show up and train regularly every week. Consistency is hard for everyone but its a key factor in being successful. Showing up once a while to class isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Commit to coming at least twice a week and stick to it. Water doesn’t split rock because of its strength but rather because of its consistent effort over time.
  2. Focus on defence. Anyone and everyone who has been submitted at Jiujitsu knows that feeling of wanting to catch their opponent right after and pay them back with a sweet move. Learning to attack and submit is of course a vital part of Jiujitsu training however it shouldn’t be your main focus as you start your journey. Learning to move your hips, use your entire body, create leverage and defend against attacks is the foundation to a good Jiujitsu practice. As you begin to train you should focus on staying safe. Putting yourself in positions that if you needed to you could easily attack from while you opponent is stuck in a position that offers no chance of attack. That is Jiujitsu and that is your foundation.
  3. Have fun. Jiujitsu is real. You would be hard pressed to find another martial art that puts so much realistic pressure on its techniques and principles. You will fail a lot until you start to develop a solid base. Failure is frustrating but it is also necessary as it teaches you what really does and does not work. Embrace the process, smile and keep at it.

It is normally to be in a hurry to improve but ask yourself “whats the rush.” The joy of Jiujitsu is in training Jiujitsu. There will always be people that are better and higher belts to achieve. This isn’t a race with a finish line so there is no need to hurry.